When a space is left behind, its memory can become a treasure. The idea of that lived environment dwells in our memory as a place that we can visit, but also as a ghost that haunts us. This is even stronger if the place was left behind due to an act of violence, the consequence of a war.Weapons like rockets, mortars, mines, shells and guns, are objects of warfare. Their use entails a purpose, nonetheless, their action detonates collateral damages, as they force the move of civil communities. This tale is a reconstruction of some memories of displacement. Rockets of displacement.

Space Memories is a short experimental documentary directed by Nikola Lorenzin & produced by Lucas Muñoz. It is the second chapter of a wider project called Rocket Trail, that has been exhibited and screened at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven in September 2020. Rocket Trail is a platform of cross-disciplinary research project where art, design, science and filmmaking work together to dissect the rocket as an object and cast some light on its influence over the collective imaginary - from its early conception as a phenomena to its multi-layered cultural interpretation where science and myth amalgamate.


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