At the height of the pandemic, a film crew travels to a farmhouse hidden in the Maremma. They intend to meet Mario Tuti, a fascist terrorist serving life, living on the farm as he waits to return to prison. Like other elderly detainees, he was kicked out to avoid contagion and death. He is now one of the guests of Pio, the farmhouse’s owner. With Mario and Pio, there are also Nicola, a nomadic horse tamer, Nazareno, a working father who has lost his infant daughters long ago, and the newly arrived film crew. What sets out as an observation of individual and social liberty becomes a generational clash on the meaning of actions and violence, as the history and evolving stories of Mario, Pio, Nazareno, Nicola, and the film crew collide inside the farmhouse. While seasons pass, as they wait for the pandemic to end so Mario can return to prison, the characters in Pio’s farmhouse are forced to come to terms with themselves, their open questions and their wounds.

Corpo dei Giorni is a Santabelva feature length documentary directed by Henry Albert, Gianvito Cofano, Saverio Cappiello and Nikola Lorenzin and produced by A Small Company, that won the Best Film award within the Italian Documentary Competition at the 40th Torino Film Festival.


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