Nikola Lorenzin

Open Air

Open Air

This reportage has been developed while working for the social brand Tatreez Design within three different Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon: Ein El Hilweh, Beddawi and Bourg Al Shamali. 

These camps exist since 1948, year of the First Arab-Israeli War, after which more than half a million of Palestinians were forced to flee their country and to become refugees. Since the start of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, the population in the camps nearly doubled, making life conditions critical, increasing tensions between political factions and heightening Lebanese military control over the camps. The worst example of this tendency is the camp of Ein El Hilweh, which has become an open air prison in which the flow of more than 60'000 persons is strictly controlled every day.

This reportage, commissioned by Tatreez Design with the purpose of documenting the life in the streets surrounding its workshops, aims to show a micro-society that despite everything organized itself and manages to sustain the life it contains.


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